Freqently Asked Questions

FAQ’s for Panel Members

  1. Q: Do I have to sign up to become a panel member to participate in surveys?
    A: Yes – to take surveys, and earn reward points with Outsized Opinions, you must enroll and provide some basic information about yourself.

  2. Q: I didn’t receive the email to verify my signup, even though a message said it was sent.
    A: Please check your SPAM and/or Junk folders. Be sure to add ‘Outsized Opinions’ as a trusted email sender in your mail settings!

  3. Q: A message in my account says my home address has not been validated. What does this mean?
    A: In market research, it is important that we verify your physical address to prevent fraud. As a panel member, we will send you a 6-digit PIN code via postcard to your home address when you have achieved approximately 500 points. Your account will clearly specify when it has been sent.

  4. Please watch for it in the mail. When you receive the postcard, enter the 6-digit pin-code in the appropriate location on your login page.

    P.O. boxes do not qualify as a home address.

  5. Q: Is it OK for me to have multiple logins and user profiles?
    A: No. Members may maintain ONLY ONE member profile.

  6. Q: What is the minimum amount for Rewards Payout?
    A: The minimum amount for Rewards Payout is 1,000 points (which equates to a $10 gift card or reward payment.) You are not required to redeem points at this amount if you are saving up for a larger gift card amount!

  7. Q: Can I cash out fewer than 1,000 points?
    A: Outsized Opinions requires a 1,000-point minimum before payout is authorized.

  8. Q: I’ve earned over 1,000 points but the website won’t let me redeem. Why not?
    A: There are two requirements for redemption of points.
    1. Reaching the 1,000 point minimum
    2. Validating your home address via a 6-digit code sent to you via the US Postal service. Please be on the lookout for that postcard and enter your validation code as soon as you receive it. Your validation code can be entered into your home page once you log in.

  9. Q: Is there a time constraint for validating my home address?
    A: No. Your validation code will not expire. However, until your home address is validated, you may not redeem points.

  10. Q: The website says my home address validation code was sent, but I haven’t received it. Can I request another?
    A: Please wait two weeks before requesting another validation code from the day our notification appeared on your home page. If it has been more than two weeks, please write to us at if you didn’t receive, or have lost, your home address validation code.

  11. Q: Do points ever expire?
    A: Points do expire 2 years after the day they were earned. You can always look up your point history to see what date they were earned.

  12. Q: Can I combine points with a friend who is also a member?
    A: Points cannot be combined with other members, except as detailed in our fundraising campaigns section.

  13. Q: I seem to have trouble qualifying for surveys – why?
    A: Keep trying! Our current qualification rate is 20%, which means you will (on average) qualify for one in every five surveys you attempt, but qualification rates vary by demographics and behaviors that can’t be targeted. We’re working hard to offer more surveys with higher qualification rates!

  14. Q: How do I know my personal data is secure?
    A: We store the minimum amount of information possible in our systems. We never share name, email address, mailing address or phone number with 3rd parties. Outsized Opinions will never ask for sensitive data, such as social security number or credit card information. If you receive a request for email address, mailing address or phone number in the context of a survey, please do NOT provide the information. Take a screen-shot of the question and send us an email at, alerting us to the problem.

  15. Q: Do you sell my personal data?
    A: Your responses to surveys are always anonymous; we never sell your name, email address, mailing address, phone number to anyone.

  16. Q: Do you track my location on my phone?
    A: We may use your IP location (whether logged in via computer or phone) to validate your presence in the United States, as part of a normal survey qualification process, to combat fraud. Outsized Opinions does not save or actively monitor your location when you’re not taking a survey.

  17. Q: Do you share my personal data with anyone?
    A: To minimize the number of questions asked during the survey experience and to increase your chances of qualifying for a survey, we share basic demographic information (if applicable for the specific survey), age (but not birthdate), gender, ethnicity, race, income, education, employment status, and/or zip code with our survey affiliates. When we do so, this information is anonymized (meaning it can’t be traced back to you).

  18. Q: Since you collected information like my age, gender and income when I signed up, why am I being asked those same questions in surveys?
    A: Though we try to minimize the number of times you are asked identical questions, in some cases, our survey partners can’t dynamically accept this information. To safeguard our member’s privacy, these kinds of questions are sometimes repeated within a survey itself.

  19. Q: I’m being asked the same basic question (age, gender, ethnicity, etc.) sometimes multiple times in the same session. Why is this happening?
    A: We use technology to minimize the number of times you’re asked identical question and will continue to work with our partners to streamline this process for you. However, this is not always possible. Sometimes, repeated questions are part of the normal survey process. If you feel you are experiencing an error, please send us a screen-shot of your error, along with a description of your experience, to: We will work diligently to correct any poor respondent experience and value your feedback immensely!

  20. Q: Is your website ADA compliant?
    A: YES – we’ve worked hard to ensure that our website it accessible for Americans with Disabilities and have hired an independent company to test our site to be sure. If, however, you experience any problems with access, please let us know! Write to: and let us know what issue you’re experiencing. We will work hard to correct it immediately.

  21. Q: I’m being sent too many emails. Can I reduce the number I’m being sent?
    A: You can change the frequency of emails being sent by logging into your account and selecting “update profile” on the bottom of your home page. Next, choose “update demographic information”. At the bottom of the list is “communication Frequency” which can be updated.

  22. Q: I want to unsubscribe from Outsized Opinions. How do I do that?
    A: If you want to unsubscribe from Outsized Opinions, we’ll be sad to see you go! You make a difference as a member of our panel. To unsubscribe, simply log into your account, scroll down to the “update profile” screen where you will find a “Delete account” button. Keep in mind that any unredeemed points will be lost if you delete your account.

  23. Q: I unsubscribed from my Outsized Opinions account some time ago, but I want to re-activate it. Can I do that?
    A: We can reactivate a former account if the request is submitted within 12 months of deactivation and the former account was in good standing. Unredeemed points from a former account, however, cannot be restored.

FAQ’s for Fundraising Supporters

  1. Q: Do I have to sign up to become a panel member to participate in a fundraising campaign?
    A: Yes – to take surveys and earn reward points for your fundraiser, you must sign up, create an account and provide some basic information about yourself.

  2. Q: I’ve received a fundraising code from a friend and want to participate. How do I get started?
    A: There are 3 basic steps for participation in a fundraiser:
    1. Sign up and create an Outsized Opinions account.
    2. Add the fundraising participation code by clicking the “Join a Fundraiser” icon.
    3. Take surveys to earn points for your fundraiser.
  3. It's that simple!

  4. Q: How do I know what charity I’m fundraising for?
    A: The fundraiser, and the description of the fundraising purpose, is clearly marked once you sign up and throughout your participation, on your main home page.

  5. Q: What is the minimum number of points I need to raise for the fundraiser?
    A: There is no minimum you need to earn. Upon adding the fundraiser code to your account, your points are automatically contributed to the fundraiser as you earn them.

  6. Q: How do I know how long a fundraiser goes for?
    A: The duration of each individual Fundraising Campaign is clearly counted down on your main login page.

  7. Q: If I don’t reach the 500-point minimum, what happens to the points I’ve earned?
    A: If you haven’t reached the 500-point minimum for contribution to a fundraiser at the time of fundraiser expiration, the points earned will be forfeited.

  8. Q: I have earned points toward a fundraiser. Can they be transferred to my personal account?
    A: No - points earned during participation in a fundraising campaign cannot be transferred to a personal account.

  9. Q: I have a personal account with Outsized Opinions which contains a point balance. Do I lose my points if I join a fundraiser?
    A: No – points accrued in your personal account prior to joining a fundraiser are not lost. Personal points will be saved and accessible once your fundraiser has concluded or upon leaving the fundraiser.

  10. Q: I have a personal account with Outsized Opinions, and I want to donate my existing points to the fundraiser. Can I do that?
    A: No. You cannot donate the points you have earned in a personal account to a fundraiser. Once you have signed up for a fundraiser, though, any reward points earned will be directed toward your fundraiser.

  11. Q: I signed up for the wrong fundraiser. Can I stop contributing to it?
    A: Yes – you can stop contributing to a fundraiser at any time. Simply go to “update profile” and select “leave fundraiser.”

  12. Q: I was contributing to a fundraiser, and I withdrew my participation. Can I re-join and participate?
    A: Yes, you may not rejoin whenever you like.

  13. Q: I want to participate in multiple fundraisers at the same time. Can I?
    A: Unfortunately, we cannot support multiple fundraiser participation at this time. Only one fundraising effort at a time.

  14. Q: The fundraiser that I was participating in has ended. What’s next?
    A: Your Outsized Opinions account has reverted to a personal account! Feel free to continue taking surveys to earn rewards for yourself or join another fundraiser.

FAQ’s for Fundraising Campaign Organizers

  1. Q: What is the minimum amount I need to raise for my fundraiser in order to redeem for rewards?
    A: The minimum you need to raise is 5,000 points for each fundraising campaign, corresponding to $50 in rewards. You may have as many participants as you like contributing to a fundraising campaign, and there is no individual contribution point minimum.

  2. Q: What happens if my fundraiser doesn’t reach the 5,000-point minimum?
    A: Fundraising Campaigns that don’t reach the 5,000-point minimum will have their reward points forfeited.

  3. Q: I’m interested in creating a fundraising campaign. How do I get started?
    A: First, sign up to become a panel member with Outsized Opinions. Next, under the “Join a fundraiser” icon, select “Learn more about fundraising.” Once there, you will see a link that says, “click here to establish a fundraising campaign.” Click and provide the information requested; we’ll get back to you ASAP to finish the process.

  4. Q: What types of organizations qualify for Fundraising Campaigns?
    A: Only registered 501(c)(3) charities, 501(c) nonprofit organizations (NPO) or 501(c) not-for-profit organizations (NFPO) qualify for participation in Fundraising Campaigns.

  5. Q: What information do I need to provide to start a fundraising campaign?
    A: When signing up to establish a fundraising campaign, you will be required to provide information about the charity or non-profit you are fundraising for:
    • The Fundraiser “purpose” which will be shared with all contributors and participants
    • Your title within the fundraising organization (if applicable)
    • The proper name of the specific charity or nonprofit you are fundraising for.
    • The Federal designated non-profit Employment Identification Number (EIN) associated with the 501(c)(3) charity or 501(c) nonprofit.
    • The duration (end-date) of the fundraising effort.
    • An authorized contact at the charity or non-profit you are representing with the authority to confirm your fundraising involvement.
    • The payable address where rewards will be sent at the conclusion of the fundraising campaign.

  6. Q: How long does a fundraising campaign last?
    A: The length of a fundraising campaign is set at the time of enrollment. Length of fundraiser can vary from 1 month to 4 months. The remaining duration will be clearly noted for each participant upon logging in.

  7. Q: Can I extend the length of my fundraising campaign?
    A: We can issue a 1-time extension of the fundraising campaign’s duration, assuming that the extension is issued BEFORE fundraiser expiration. Fundraiser durations cannot exceed 6 months.

  8. Q: Once my fundraiser has been approved and established, what do I do next?
    A: We will give you an invitation with a URL, and a 6-digit Fundraising participation code, that people can use to obtain entry to your fundraiser. All participants must register for an Outsized Opinions account first.

  9. Q: Can I give you emails addresses to invite to my fundraising campaign?
    A: At this time, we don’t have the capability to invite on your behalf, but we’re working on that functionality!

  10. Q: Can I share the fundraiser code with anyone for participation?
    A: We ask that you invite only individuals that you know personally or have a direct affiliation with the nonprofit or charity associated with the Fundraising Campaign. Please invite people that you know and trust.

  11. Q: My fundraising campaign has concluded, and I reached the minimum amount with my fundraiser. How do I get my payment?
    A: At the end of the Fundraising Campaign, payments will be automatically triggered for distribution. Fundraising payout cannot occur until the pre-determined fundraising duration has expired. Outsized Opinions check sent via the US mail is the only payout method for Fundraising Campaigns. Only one payout per fundraising effort. Please allow 2-4 weeks for distribution of payment.

  12. Q: What happens to my fundraising participants when the fundraiser is over?
    A: Participant’s accounts automatically convert to personal accounts when a fundraiser has concluded. They can continue to take surveys to earn rewards for themselves, or can unsubscribe if they so desire.