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What is
Outsized Opinions?

'Outsized' - being unusual in size, scope, or of additional importance.

Not the same as everyone else?

Diversity is what makes market research effective. We need all types of people to make this work! Especially you!

Outsized Opinions deserve
Outsized Rewards

Earn Incentives for yourself or organize a fundraiser for a non-profit you want to support! Either way, it’s a win-win!

'Outsize' your Voice!

When you share your opinions, they represent hundreds of “unheard” individuals. That means your opinions mean more when they’re ‘outsized’! Make your voice heard today!

Your Privacy is our business!

Don’t worry…your opinions are always anonymous, so you can share your views without reservation. We are working to offer the most rewarding survey opportunities while keeping your data safe and secure!

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What We Do

We are connected to companies and market research professionals...and they want YOUR opinions. That’s where Outsized Opinions steps in. We introduce companies who need customer feedback to the people who want to share their perspective (that's you), and you get the rewards!

How It Works

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Use your network of supporters to help fundraise! When your supporters work together to donate a little bit of their time, the dollars add up quickly. How it works: Contact us and we'll create a referral code that others can use to join the fundraiser. Whenever your supporters finish a survey, your fundraiser receives the rewards! Earn a minimum of $50, and we'll send your charity a check for what you've earned!

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